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 Stronghold Site Assessment

Stronghold begins Site Security Assessments by performing an extensive search of open source intelligence on the target company or school. This research can reveal vital information about the target location, including staff chain of command, interior layouts, and even employee badges and key fobs. Extensive analysis of the target site is conducted using Geo mapping tools to determine potential weaknesses in the perimeter or design. Stronghold reviews company or school documents to identify gaps in physical security, policies and procedures.

Stronghold will meet with client security and facility personnel to perform a passive walk-through of the facility.  All physical security controls are evaluated for existence and effectiveness.  The physical security control systems evaluated by Stronghold Defense Solutions during the assessment process include, but are not limited to, the following:

                Access Control Systems (including badges)


               Camera Type/Placement

               Document Management

               Lock and Key Management

               Perimeter and Gates

               Safety Systems (fire suppression, backup power)

               Visitor Verification Procedures

Finally, Stronghold Defense Solutions will return with your permission on an unknown date within a specific time period,

to test and evaluate if certain controls are working and if they still need improvement.

Stronghold Program for Management, Workforce, Human Resources, Security and Facilities Team.

Stronghold Defense Solutions workplace violence prevention and response training program will train your
 team on what actions to take, train the management team the system to effectively manage the incident, and conduct a scenario based training program to practice your response protocols.  This approach includes:

                Site Assessment (Hardening the Target)

                Classroom Instruction, Education and Training Presentation

                Training Presentation for Management including post-incident procedures

                Real World Scenario Based Training Exercise customized to your facility and workforce 

                After Action Report and Recommendations

               Review and update Policies, Procedures and Emergency Action Plan

Stronghold Interactive Presentations Include:

                Workplace Violence / Active Shooter Awareness, Prevention, Preparedness and Response

                (Personal Safety in the Workplace, School and Public)

                Run - Hide - Fight  Concept 

                Recognizing the warning signs of a person in crisis

                Identifying and Responding to Suspicious Activity 

                Situational Awareness and Safety for the Employee in the field 

                Parking Lot and Vehicle Safety in the Field 

                Mass Transit / Transportation Safety 

                High School and College Student Campus Safety Program

                House of Worship Safety Program 


Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes Permanent!