Our staff is highly trained with special operations experience in rapid developing life threatening situations.      



Every client relationship is valued greatly and services customized to fit their needs.

  Stronghold Defense is a security risk management firm dedicated to creating custom solutions for our clients to enhance workplace and campus security.   We specialize in training   your staff, security and students on how to recognize signs of a troubled person, suspicious activity and how to react when active threats and other life threatening emergencies occur.

Why Should Companies Prepare?

2nd leading cause of on-the-job fatalities, behind automobile accidents.

Leading cause of death in the workplace for women.

2 million American workers report being a victim of workplace violence every year.

Businesses are the most common location of active shooter attacks.

The FBI reports that over 50% of active shooter incidents occur at commercial areas with and without pedestrian traffic.

Costs the American workforce $36 Billion annually.

 Train your employees to respond effectively

​We guarantee effective and comprehensive training for your workforce. 

We pride ourselves in helping businesses - large or small, that must know how to proceed in securing their workplace and training employees in this current climate of workplace violence and terrorism.